Why adops.ro?

Situations where I may be of help:

  • I can work as a part-time trafficker besides you team. In companies where one trafficker has too much work, but you cannot justify hiring a second one.
  • I can substitute you staff in case of vacation, maternity leaves or last minute resignation.
  • Is seasonality a problem? I can help for a define period a time, and you don’t want to hire employees just for 1-3 months.
  • I am an experience trafficker in case you have a start-up site, and you don’t need yet a full time trafficker.
  • If you have some additional work for your trafficking team, but everyone is already busy with their tasks, I can help you just for one campaign, or for any small tasks you need.
  • Reduce cost; don’t have to worry about wage taxes, health care, providing office space and supplies.

Why work with adops.ro?


I have a vast experience in ad operation. I’ve worked with different companies, across multiple sites, and handle tasks from the simplest to most complex with the highest success possible. I have a big passion for this and I treat each campaign with professionalism and as a challenge to be the best work done in the smallest time possible. See more about me.

I can adjust my schedule based on you company needs, and time zone. No task remains uncompleted.

The agreement with adops has no strings attach, if your trafficking needs change, and you decide you don’t need any services, we say our goodbyes and I am just glad I could help you.

If you are afraid of working remote, I have worked like this for 5 years, I am always available by mail, skype or phone; and I can assure you that my productivity is much higher working like this. My turnaround is guaranteed in 24h (but normally is done in 1-2 hours, or instant if possible) for any trafficking services. For the development services, depending on the project, I will send you a turnaround time with the proposal.