Report and analysis

The online medium of advertising benefits of the best measurement system compared to any other medium. From the simple quantity of impressions and clicks generated by a campaign, to conversion tracking, video tracking, re-targeting tracking, or any custom action an ad viewer is performing on your site.

Historical reports

They are the most common reports in advertising used to check campaigns, bill and invoice. Can include any metric that was tracked, it offers an overview of the past campaigns.

Future Sell-Through

Offers an overview of under sold channels and audiences and they help adjust your short-term sales strategy. Predict available and sold impressions, and incoming revenue.

Site/product performance

Keep up the pace with the new technology, understand the evolution, analyze what works and what not on your site. Monitor ads on all pages, see their performance, analyze each format by site, page, device and audience. Choose the best products for each channel and implement the new rising stars products, based on accurate data and results.