Pre campaign and sales support

A good and constant relationship between ad ops and sale reps is very important. Ad operation can provide precious information related to inventory, history and products that your sale department can use to attract new clients or offer new interesting opportunities to your existing pool of clients.

Inventory forecasting

You need to know your inventory availability at any time, not only reported by the adserver, but also in relationship with seasonality, audience, channel and divers formats. It is something that is best to be analyzed by an ad operation executive with experience, to guarantee a future successful campaign.

Performance analysis

The fidelity of most clients is based on results. Having historical performance analysis beforehand can increase the performance of future campaigns, and optimize if needed. This can be decisive for your long-term relationship with your clients.


Every campaign has a budget and a goal, but how do you spend that money to reach that goal? Finding the correct audience, understanding the optimal format for each campaign, and defining costs and quantities are key elements in a successful campaign.

Customer care

I can keep a relationship with your client’s technical teams, to ensure the good health of the campaign. I have the experience, understand what a client expects and I have the knowledge of the industry.