Creative QA and troubleshooting

The ads are a component of your site, and the quality of creative and the correct functionality is in fact a brand safety for your company. Nobody wants an ad that doesn’t work correctly; this will just diminish your company image and your advertisers. Keeping up with the evolution of technology in advertising is an important ingredient to your success. But with evolution comes also more complex requirements that increase the possibility creatives will not work as wished.

I have experience with all type of creatives, from simple images to flash and HTML5, on all platforms. I have a background in web development, so I can easily and securely detect any malfunction in creatives and troubleshoot them.

It is best to prevent any malfunction before the creation process. I can provide creation execution assistance, from technical specification, templates, live examples and test pages, and support the creative team/agency with any information, and when possible, instant fixes.

If your advertisers use a vendor for its creative, I have experience with most important vendors; I can debug any tag from their platform, and identify the problem.