Campaign setup and management

A full managed service orientated to your company needs. Every campaign is carefully managed though its lifespan, taking care of all the tasks required to maximize efficiency, target the correct audience, reaching the highest performance, and ensure on time delivery completion.

A full managed service orientated to your company needs.

Creative testing Creative testing

Every campaign goes through a creative quality assurance, where I check that all requirements are met, the creative is displaying correctly and the tracking is implemented. In case there’s something wrong, I troubleshoot and fix the problem. If you need a preview of the creative before going live, I can provide test pages for you and/or your clients to review. I handle any type of creative (images, flash, video, html5) for any format, either physical files or served by a 3rd party vendor. I am implementing creatives from all the richmedia vendors, across all devides.

Trafficking Trafficking

The campaign will be trafficked in your adserver, according to the type of campaign (CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPV), IO, the campaign credentials from you CRM and your specific information for each campaign. The adservers that I have experience with are: Doubleclick Small Business, DFP Premium, Adform, OpenAdStream Appnexus (Xaxis for publishers), OpenX (Revive adserver), SmartAdServer. But no matter what server you use I can adapt and provide the best service.

Proof of departure Proof of departure

As soon as the campaign is live, the campaign will be checked that it was trafficked correctly and is displaying correctly. As proof of departure, screenshots will be provided.

Campaign optimization Campaign optimization

Thought the campaign lifespan, daily and weekly checks will be performed to ensure that the campaign health is optimal, the delivery is on-schedule, reporting doesn’t have discrepancy and the performance is on point. Any abnormalities will be reported to you with suggestions to correct it.

Campaign modification and updates Campaign modification and updates

If it’s required, I do any un-scheduled campaign modification or creative replacement as soon as possible.

Reporting Reporting

After the campaign completion, a detailed report will be send, with all the metrics and key performance indicators related to the campaign type. For a more in-depth reporting, see the report and analysis service.

It`s not a problem if your workflow is different or includes additional steps, I am flexible and can adapt to your company workflow.