How it works?


  1. Let’s chat

               Firstly, let’s have a talk. See what are your company needs, and your current situation.

               Don’t hesitate to contact me, and schedule a 15-30 minute chat.

  1. Proposal

              I evaluate your situation and find the best solution. I send you a proposal with the details for each task and the fees. You decide if is according to your needs and your budget.

  1. Workflow

              I see your workflow and adapt to your quantity of work. You tell me how you prefer each task to be handled and any internal procedures and deadlines you have. Establish each task, the duties and responsibilities that comes with it.

  1. Agreement

               I send you a draft of the collaboration agreement. You can go though it with your legal department and after everything is agreed upon, we sign it.

  1. Tasks report and invoice

              At the end of the month you will receive the report with all the tasks performed, time spent and cost for each one. The first day of next month, you will receive the invoice for the previous month. In case of project based tasks, we agree on a flat price and an invoicing day.